The land of digital marketing is a vast sea of shiny pretty promises and confusing messages about what matters most when building your business empire online.

Here are 3 top tips to help you sort through the noise and help you get on track for success fast:

There is no one way to market.

As much as we’ve all fallen prey to those quick fixes to money woes and ‘5 steps to launching flawlessly’ webinars, a good strategy only works if YOU can work it.

Taking into account your resources FIRST will help you decipher what plan will work best for you.

Say for example, you are building your business as a side hustle to a full time job, a strategy that expects you to have 7 hours a day for content creation, live appearances and lots of 1:1 attention building rapport with customers isn’t going to work for you even if it looks like the fastest route from A to B.

Understand what you have available first and then create a plan second.

How much time do you have to allot to this seedling for starters?
How much money can you invest in paid advertising?
How wide is your current reach?

Without those metrics, your fabulous idea won’t grow because your expectations won’t match what is realistic.

Instead of feeling like a failure and overworking for less than stellar results, start your plan based on what you have available NOW then tweak it to grow with you.

You have to be everywhere to grow your audience and reach

Being ‘everywhere’ means you are not necessarily ‘anywhere’ well.

When you are working on growing a consistent marketing message and building a loyal fan base, the most important element to start with is TRUST.

If your audience can’t trust that you will be where they expect you, they will stop looking for you- plain and simple.

Just like if you met a new friend and sometimes they showed up and sometimes they didn’t, you likely wouldn’t keep them too high on that trusting friends list they would be more for the casual light conversation style friendship as they haven’t shown you their reliability!

Same goes with channels and consistency.

Focus on mastering just a select few first- are you great on video? Utilize that massive connecting element and then later down the road, have those videos transcribed to blog posts and images.

Are you a better writer than speaker? Spend more time using email and social platforms that highlight that strength instead of spreading yourself thinly and awkwardly in places you are not yet solid in.

Loyal fans will follow you across platforms but a colder audience won’t want to chase your trail trying to gather crumbs.

Build your foundations and then expand the reach.

Understand the difference between selling and nurturing

This one is a DOOZY.
Yes you are in business to make money.
Yes money comes from people buying your goods and or services.
BUT if you are always selling and forgetting the people behind the money exchanged, that well will dry up really fast!

As Gary Vaynerchuk spoke of in his epic book, Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, you must be far more focused on your nurturing of the people than you are of the selling of the products!

A $10 bill can feel like a tremendous amount of money or an absolute steal of a price, depending on how that price is marketed and how the buyer sees the investment.

$10 on the table.

1 stick of gum.

Likely not worth it, right?
Same $10 on a table.

A ticket to the best sporting event in the world valued at $1000 and the $10 is for a raffle ticket for a charity.

How many $10’s would you spend without batting an eyelash?

Marketing is the art of creating a story and need around what you are selling.

Focus far more on your brand, the value you offer, the ease of your audience understanding what is at stake for them if they DON’T buy and I promise you, the sales will flow far easier than if you sold ALL day long.

There is value in every marketing hack, tip and ninja tool out there- but be an educated consumer and understand your goals, your audience’s needs and your realistic resources before you go knee deep into the depths of marketing magic out there.