When writing your business plan and envisioning your success and glory, most people leave one main ingredient out of the business once the ink on that plan is complete.

You’ve set financial targets, created your workflow and maybe even outsourced some of the tasks you hate, so you seem to be set to go.

BUT creativity is nowhere in sight.


At Create Plan Do our goal is to help you break down the big ideas you have into action but if you don’t first understand why we start with Create, you probably won’t understand what to do when!

Creativity is the gas/petrol (international lingo!) in the tank. So you can see a gorgeous car cruising on the road and you likely won’t be oohing and aahing over how much gas is in the tank! You will notice the design, the ease of the drive, the hum of the motor, right?

But you sure will notice when said sexy car is stuck on the side of the road because it ran out of fuel!

Same applies to your business.

Without the creativity ever present in your daily business growth, there is kind of no point in forging forward with your scale and dominate plans because you will run out of fuel and blend right into the noisy marketplace.

Yet so many people focus on the ‘serious’ side, thinking number crunching, leadership prowess and practicality are what drives a business forward.

They sure do, but without ideas, you’ve got no numbers to CRUNCH and systemize!

Still not sold on this whole creativity malarky?

Here are 5 reasons to trust me on this:

Creativity Leads to Higher Overall Success

We’re always told in life that our hard work and intelligence will see us through everything in life.

However, it is not until we step up and act like adults in business that we realize that although your smarts are a key quality to have, creative thinking has an important role to play as well.

The truth is because intelligence is sometimes easier to measure and manage in education and business, it likely has been easier to focus on, but does not always bring the desired results!

But it is more and more common for even corporate cultures to be bringing creativity back into the boardroom because people are craving different levels of interaction and wanting to engage their ‘smarts’ in more ways than just ticking lists off.

It Fosters Innovation

When you create something from an idea into creation, you want to make sure it does not only get the job done, but exceeds your customer’s expectation.

So you start with the practical to ensure it works properly, it delvers what was promised and serves both your customer and your business.

But then is when the fun kicks in.

Creative thought and vision helps make what started out as useful become alive and memorable, maybe even feel like a magical experience for you as the provider and your customer as the buyer.

How much more appealing is it for both sides to repeat these experiences when innovative ways join the room!

An idea which is unique is an invention, but an idea which is unique as well as useful is an innovation. In order to innovate, you need to be creative and look at the same thing differently. This will help you merge usefulness into a unique idea.

It Encourages People to Think

We live in a world surrounded by linear thinking and yet lots of problems still looming.
Whatever kind of business you are in there is lots that likely has worked for most and a percentage of your audience that the tried and true way will never work for.

Engaging your creative brain helps you solve problems others cannot.
Which enables you to provide answers for those who may not have even known how to ask the question!

Pretty cool, huh?

Creativity is a Developed Skill

Contrary to popular belief, creativity can be homegrown. Sure some people are intrinsically more creatively inclined, but the truth is when nurtured and given proper attention, mixed with passion and drive- creativity can become your secret weapon.

We’re all born with creative potential and different styles of thought processes which can be reinforced. Discovering new hobbies and skills is a great way to put your inherent creative skills to the test as well as hone them. It is also an effective way to train your mind to think in a manner that leads to creative thinking. Bringing that reignited creativity found outside of your business back INTO the business can be the factor that helps you stand out in a crowd.

So instead of searching outside of your business for ways to make your idea and plan because a success, step back into your own creativity to find the answers and methods your audience is waiting for.