Most entrepreneurial brains follow a trajectory that looks something far more like a roller coaster ride than the steady growing ladder most would like to pretend they are on.

The bold big idea, formulated into a plan that can work, maybe even a team in place to break down the tasks.

But without the Daily Do- incremental action taking, consistent tweaking and altering and measuring results, those big bold ideas stand no chance of becoming as big as you envisioned them.

You are well aware that the work needs to get done, but yet those to do lists we all have piling up are a real indication of what actual results many of us get (or don’t get!)

So what gives?

How can you get off of that dream to up in smoke track you’ve landed on and into real imperfect consistent DOING?

Lower your expectations

No one’s big dreams happen on the first hit.

That’s not to sound like a naysayers but nothing valuable ever improved by thinking about it more.

You must SHIP to get feedback.
You must be open to feedback to better your process or product.
You must be brave enough to keep trying when the doing doesn’t go as well as the plan looked on paper.

With expectations that don’t give room for improvement, you give up on the best part of the action taking process- watching your dream come alive in front of your eyes.

Add in a strong sense of humor and bit of humility because growth is NOT for the queasy types!

Prepare for the failure to show you the route to success

The only way to do things well is to do things poorly first.

Be messy, be clunky, be ready to fail.

The frustration of your clients not getting the results you want will drive you to better yourself and your process.

The exhaustion from doing things the long and wrong way will push you to earn enough to outsource elements to experts and give up the control you think you need to win at business.

Remember no CEO of a corporate company knows how to work all of the parts that make the ship sail, nor should you!

Learn what you need to learn and step back into your zone of doing where you do best.

Find out what part of the doing stops you

Maybe it’s a skill you don’t have that you need.
Maybe it’s a mindset issue you are tripping over.
Maybe it’s a question you need to do more market research on.

Whatever cog is missing in the flow of action taking, start to address JUST THAT instead of binning the whole process because you get stuck on one section.

We are very easy to motivate when we know what to do and really easy to quit when we think we can’t achieve greatness in an instant.

Break down your doing processes and find out what’s missing.

There is likely a far easier solution once you know exactly what the problem is.

Taking your amazing ideas and perfect plans and putting them into action not only help you create the business results you are working so hard for but they also help you step up to the next level of yourself as a business owner.

So why would some sticky doing skills be what gets in your way?

Let’s get DOING!